You probably want to get to the point so I will skip the introductions here.

You will need:

  1. 100% Acetone (you can buy from anywhere)
  2. A bowl (Metal or glass is better but doesn’t really matter)
  3. A nail clipper
  4. A nail file
  5. Cotton pads or balls
  6. Nail smoother/buffer (optional)
  7. Time


How to do it

  • Pour some acetone onto a cotton ball or pad and apply on nail to remove nail polish
  • Take the nail clipper. Clip off the top of nails, as close to your natural nails as possible. (You can check where your natural nails end by looking under the nail).
  • Pour some acetone into the bowl. Enough to allow your nails to fully soak.
  • Soak nails or nail tips for about 20-30 mins, occasionally taking out nails to file the artificial nails down until they disappear completely. You may need to keep soaking nails and re-filing them until they come off completely.


  • If you are not ready to fully remove the artificial nails, then you can also file them down a bit to where it levels with the new nail that is growing to make the artificial nails look flatter and more natural. Then file the tips and shape them how you want.
  • Use a nail buffer/smoother to smoothen nails.
  • Apply nail polish or any other style you want.


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